Chat Pack

The little boxes that have everyone talking!


Customize your own Chat Pack with your own company logo and more.

What are Custom Chat Packs?

Sparking Fun Conversations with your branding or organization's logo.


  • Business gifts
  • Marketing and branding
  • Meeting ice-breaker tool that is kept and referred to often
  • Promotional Material (not a pen or mug, something fun to keep around and use)
  • Classroom activities
  • Wedding gifts to use at reception and take home
  • Fun with friends

What are Chat Packs?

Sparking Conversations

Each pack contains 156 cards, with each card featuring a fun question guaranteed to spark an instant conversation. With more than 15 thoughtfully created versions to choose from, there is something for
everyone—couples, families, social groups, business groups, kids…you name it.

Cheers for Chat Pack

“Your Chat Packs are wonderful! We went on a road trip and the cards kept four adults happy for 3,000 miles. They made the deserts of Nevada and Utah go by so much faster!”

Rita B.

The Chat Pack cards were a complete "hit" at our girlfriends reunion! The subjects allowed all of us women to engage and share our answers. These are awesome!

Shantel A.

As a technical trainer, I’m always looking for ice-breakers to get my classes started. These conversation starters have been a life saver for me and our other trainers. Great tool!

Linda E.

In using Chat Pack, we’ve never run across anything inappropriate, which is not the case with other similar products, if you read reviews about them. Chat Pack is appropriate and fun for 10-year-olds as well as for adults.

Kim C.

After 12 years of marriage, we had learned NOT to converse with one another much. It seemed like all that needed to be said about ourselves and our past had already been said. These little cards showed us how wrong we were to think that way! I love the deep discussions they trigger.

Georgianne G.

As a high school counselor, I use these cards fairly often. They are great ice breakers and are totally appropriate for use in a school setting. The students enjoy them so much that they actually ask to “play Chat Pack.”

Gabrielle M.

I bought this chat pack for my teenage niece and myself to pass time on our long airline flight to Hawaii. It did the trick! We asked questions back and forth until we got sleepy and then would pick it back up
again when we awoke and got bored. Fun questions and a great way to find out things about each other!

Mary P.